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Whose Water?
26 mins/English, local language (with subtitles)/2002

This film explores the notion of state ownership of natural resources.

Tarun Bharat Sangh, a motley group of people, one Rajender Singh heading them, 15 years ago arrived in the village Gopalpura in Alwar District and started their modest work on water Over the years 1000 villages have been revolutionized by bringing back water into their life. The rain water which used to runoff, now was being collected and most seeped down to recharge the aquifers. Almost immediately the water table came up, dry wells started brimming with water and the brown fields changed their colour to green. Dry rivers were revived and communities’ general economic well being swelled.

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But the conflicts with the government and their notion of ownership started with this resource revival. Flash points blazed through the community efforts to protectand revive their water and life.

The film travels through some of the areas which have been radically revived and documents some of the conflicts which people have warded off or are still fighting

Partners :UNDP
Director: Krishnendu Bose
Camera :Krishnendu Bose

Screened in WSSD, Johannesburg, 2002