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The Jungle Gang
65min/English/Assamese/Hindi/Tamil /2012

The Jungle Gang is the first Indian wildlife film series that has been made exclusively for Children and Young Adults. The mission of the film series, is to expose them to the diverse wild flora and fauna of India and encourage them to actively participate in wildlife conservation.

The film has three animated animal characters – Bo- the Bar Headed Geese, Kuttu- the Slender Loris and Bhoora- the Black Buck. These three friends bring the flavour of three different habitats of India. They travel together to different parts of the country and seek out the endangered animals to tell their stories to the children across the world. Stories about their habitats, threats and conservations

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efforts, which has saved it from extinction. Along the way, the friends have their adventures and play out their own pranks on each other

The animals they meet are the Indian one Horned Rhino, the Tiger, the Elephant and the Sloth Bear. The series has been created by Earthcare and supported by World Wide Fund for Nature (India).

•       The Jungle Gang Meets the Rhino
•       The Jungle Gang Meets the Bear
•       The Jungle Gang Meets the Tiger
•       The Jungle Gang Meets the Elephant

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Partners : WWF-India
Director: Krishnendu Bose
Camera :Krishnendu Bose and Dharma Singh

Winner at the Chinh India Kids Film Festival in Delhi 2009.
The Jungle Gang: Meets the Tiger- selection in 7th CMS Vatavaran Festival, 2014, New Delhi.