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Elephant – God or Destroyer

With 25,000 Asian Elephants in India we have the largest population of this giant in any one country. But with 1 billion people, we also have the most severe problem with coexisting with this giant. More than 300 people are killed every year by elephants and a third of elephants die every year killed by humans. Crops and livelihoods worth lakhs of Rupees are destroyed by elephant herd which stray into villages and cropland.

The problem is as mammoth as the animals and solutions are not very intelligently worked out by the government. This film looks at this conflict from the point of view of Kallan, a paddy farmer living adjoining an elephant park in Waynad

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in Kerala. This film brings human sensitivity into a wildlife ecology film.

Partners : PSBT
Director : Krishnendu Bose
Camera : Rita Banerjee