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The Tiger Who Crossed the Line
45 min/English/2016

As the world sleeps, ghost like figures of big cats roam the fringes of cities and villages.More than 30% of the tigers live OUTSIDE the tiger reserves. But they don’t count and have little conservation support, they live in constant conflict with humans.

This film traversed India, in search of these beleaguered tigers. Made over 4 years, using infrared night vision cameras,aerial imagery and compelling found footage, the film brings some never seen images of tigers and leopards outside of protected forests.

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Premiered on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, India, February 2017

Written Edited Direct and Presented by Krishnendu Bose
Producer: Earthcare Productions
Camera: Islahuddin Ashraf
Associate Director: Dharma Singh

National Award for the Best Environment Film, 2017

Gold for the best Environment wildlife film, Indian Documentary Producer’s Association, 2017

Silver for the best Script, Indian Documentary Producer’s Association, 2017