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There is a Fire in Your forest
53 mins/Hindi with English subtitles1999-2001

The film is located in Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. Kanha because it’s probably the most famous Tiger park in the world and secondly it is also from where the first of the adivasis were relocated in the early ‘70s. Kanha is always presented as one of the best case study of people relocation for conservation. We would like to map the real story of Kanha.The film begs a relook into the conservation policies being presently followed It tries to opens a debate and fills in the people’s side of the story.

The film has a central character in a wildlife photojournalist who is passionate about wildlife, as any of his tribe would be. He is out on an assignment to Kanha

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and he meets Anita Pawar who works with the displaced adivasis of Kanha for years.

Together with Anita he discovers a new world beyond his. Initially

suspicious of their positions and motives, he finally starts seeing the Adivasi perspective and broadens his understanding of conservation. He comes back and finishes his report. But his understanding of ‘conservation’ is now much more inclusive and he tells us the story of Kanha in a flashback.

Partners :EktaParishad
Director : Krishnendu Bose
Camera : Devlin Bose and Krishnendu Bose