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The Forgotten Tigers
54 min/English/2014

The Forgotten Tigers, is an exploration into the lives of the tigers and the forest spaces they live in, which are outside the tiger reserves. These spaces are less protected, have human presence and have increasing development pressures on them. There are a considerable number of tigers in here. The quest of the film is to find out how then do these tigers survive? Each site may have an unique story to tell. Do these tigers teach us something new about conservation?

Producers : PSBT
Script and Director: Krishnendu Bose
Camera :Isllahuddin Ashraf

Won the Wildlife Conservation Award at the Vatavaran International Wildlife and Environment in 2015
Won at the Woodpecker International Film Festival 2015
Finalist at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival , New York 2015
Finalist at Greenscreen Film Festival, Eckernförde Germany , 2015
Finalist at Eco Film Ferstival , Kuala lampur, 2015
Finalist at Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2015
Finalist ,Iranian Film Festival, Tehran, 2015
Finalist at Colorado Environmental Film Festival, USA, 2016
Finalist, The Canadian Film Festival, Vancouver, 2016