In ‘Colours of the Earth’ Kavita Das Gupta gives us an insight into the life of women in Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. Deccan Development Society, a local NGO helped these women begin to till the fallows in this region.

The film endorses the role of women empowerment at grass root levels and benefits of traditonal knowledge of farming that these women possess. The older women of the Medak district guided others by teaching them traditional practices of cultivation and seed varieties that would grow on hard rocky land. They pioneered the Alternative Public Distribution System that ensures subsidised food grains through the creation of seed banks at the village level, managed entirely by women.Colours of the earth’ is a personal narrative of the filmmaker Kavita Das Gupta, a 25-year-old Dalit woman who makes films. Her subjects are the women belonging to the Dalit society, who have challenged the strongholds of caste and poverty to create an empowered world of their own.

(28 minutes; English with subtitles), Written and directed by Kavita Das Gupta, Camera and produced by Krishnendu Bose