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Embarcados.. (“On a Boat To...”)

The series is about three young Brazilian Television hosts that get to know more about a country’s cultural, geographical and human diversity by the adventure of travelling down an iconic river Ganges using different types of local boats and interacting with people along the way. The series covered the entire route of the river - from Gaumukh to the Bay of Bengal. (Brazil) 2015
Role(s): Local co-producers

Tour Group

Travel Documentary series for NBC Bravo by Monkey Kingdom TV was about a group of travellers going around exploring the world. (UK) 2015
Role(s): Research and Prep

Mobile Commercial

Commercial shoot in Mumbai for Denizen Company USA 2012.
Role(s): Facilitation, logistics, organising cast and props.

Million Dollar Decorators

Goodbye Pictures USA, 2012. A docu-reality series on interior decoration shot in Delhi and Jaipur.

Indian Times

Travel Channel UK, 2010. Earthcare did Permits and research for this travel series.

No Caminho” (On The Way To India)

12 episodes for Brazilian cable network named Multishow / Globosat. This series shows a young Brazilian lady, traveling through different regions of India in search of sacred places, people, food, culture and life in India, 2009. Shot across India in places like Nashik, Bikaner, Goa, Dharamshala.

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Dom Jolly Show

The famous UK television show, The Dom Jolly Show, came to India. Earthcare coordinated this show, across Mumbai, Goa, Nashik and Hampi. Dom Jolly went around tasting Indian food and wine through the streets of India with the locals. This Princess Television (UK) show was shot in 2006.

1000 Places You Should See Before You Die

1 x 60 minute episode to be shown Discovery Travel Channel for EBSCO productions, 2006. Shot in Agra and Rajasthan.

Day with The Dalai

2 x 1 hour documentary about the spiritual journey of two women from UK to India produced by UMTV of London, 2006. Shot between Delhi and Dharamshala

Gourmet India

A documentary series on food and travel by Mandarina Productions, Argentina. Shot in Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai, Cochin and Chennai.

TakeAway my TakeAway

Is a Percept Television show from UK. Two young man and woman are taught Indian cooking in the two Indian cities of Delhi and Cochin. This show is shot in a reality, documentary style.