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We help get all the required permits to shoot for the appropriate issuing agencies. We have networks and experts helping us on the ground and ‘friends' in the right places to facilitate permits, if time is a crunch. Government permits would take anywhere between three to six weeks. Border areas and politically sensitive subjects would take more. Aerial shooting permits are difficult to get and one should budget at least six months to one year for them. We discourage clients from working in India without the necessary filming permits.

Subject research

Our areas of strength are environment, conservation and culture but we have worked on other non-related areas too. We would put together a team of expert researchers to dig all the information needed by you.

Location scout

Given our film-making experience, we could creatively input on location selection, integrating a location with the people and the story to be filmed. We could send across low res HD footage of scout from the location to facilitate production decisions


This is our area of specialisation. Having put in years of experience managing budgets for our independent films, we now have substantial experience handling budgets of over half a million dollars per project.

Crew and gear hire

Many developed country production houses have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of work from Indian crews. We have put together crews with work experience on international projects, who could also be hugely cost-effective as compared with their counterparts in other countries. We encourage clients to use local crews without compromising quality; in some cases actually enhancing it. Also, in India, you could hire state-of-the-art cameras and sound gear on very competitive rates.


We have experience in handling up to 500 room nights, moving over 100 production personnel across Indian cities and providing 150 cellphones in a single project. We offer to organise all transportation including specialised equipment or crew vehicles and chartered flights, accommodation at competitive rates through special arrangements with the best hotels, organise cellphones and wireless for intra-crew communications and air and train ticketing. We have experience in handling up to 500 room nights, moving over 100 production personnel across Indian cities and providing 150 cellphones in one project.

Facilitation during shoots

We provide field producers and facilitators during shoots. They not only help as interpreters but also have deep knowledge of film production to help smoothen production bumps.

Set designing

We have experience in hooking up our clients with art directors and set designers to suit all projects and all budgets. We have worked with some of the biggest and best people in the business.

Office facilities

We could provide equipped offices with connectivity, DTP and all other conveniences and systems.

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The permits process

Step 1:    Producer to apply for approval in own country at the Indian Embassy
Step 2:    Approval obtained from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in Delhi
Step 3:    Actual location permit:

+a city/town/village:
   local admin permit
+a forest:
   a) Ministry of Environment and Forests permit
   b) State forest office permit department permit
+a historical site:
   Archeological Survey of India permit
+a defence area: Ministry of Defence permit
+a sensitive one from internal security point of view:
   Ministry of Home Affairs permit
+An Airports: Airports Authority of India permits
+Railway stations/trains:
   a) Railway Board permit
   b) Railway zone permit