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Mighty Trains

A docu series for Discovery Canada, Mighty Train is about extraordinary trains around the world. In India the episode was about the luxurious Maharaja Express train on its journey from New Delhi to Mumbai, the story told from the point of view of all behind the scene staff and systems and technology that help making the train extraordinary. Canada 2017

Build it Bigger

One episode of the Discovery series on Mega Structures around the world, 2010 US. Produced for Discovery by Powderhouse of USA, the show was shot the Mumbai airport constructions. Earthcare coordinated the permits and logistics for this show.+More

Daily Planet

A 5 X 1 hour science show for Discovery Canada was shot in India in 2006-2007. This is the biggest science show on India, done by any television channel, yet. Earthcare line produced this across three X 1 month schedules, traveling through the country. The coordination also included prepping stories and helping in research and sourcing stories. The series was shot in Bombay, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Chennai, Goa.

Hot Science

Earthcare did the first full blown science show on India for Beyond Production, Australia in 2001. This National Geographic one hour Special called Hot Science carried 10 cutting edge technology and people’s science stories across India. Shot in South India.