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Contestant-driven reality travel adventure series produced by Endemol Shine Australia for Nine Network Australia 2023

Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, research and prep


This Reality series is a narrative journey of six Bikers in six different countries, tackling six road challenges on six different motorbikes produced by Trifecta Collective Malaysia for the Discovery channel.
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, research and prep

Cricket Fever

A Conde Naste Entertainment production for Netflix. This 8 part series on the Mumbai Indians, an Indian Premiere League team, where we get a ring side peep into the fierce competition which defines the league. IPL is a 10 year old cricket league which has changed the way cricket is played and seen not only in India but also around the world.

Role(s): producer, permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, creative research and prep

Rock Raiders

A part of a reality series for Discovery Channel following the work of international gem and jewelry expert Mr. Don Kogen as he travels to various locations in India, researching and investigating gemstones and jewelry produced by Double Act Productions UK, 2013.
Role(s): Research, permits, facilitation, logistics, organizing cast and props

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Newly Weds

A series that involves filming a newlywed couple through their first year of marriagefor Sky TV produced by Monkey Kingdom TV UK 2013.
Role(s): Permit, facilitation, Location, Logistics

Around the world in 80 ways

Two episodes of the Reality series by Original Production USA, 2011 for History Channel where two presenters race around the world using 80 modes of transport. Shot in Delhi, Udaipur and Kolkata.

Tom Parkers living local

Tom Parkers Productions, USA 2010. Pilot episode of a reality programme where the host Tom Parker spends a week with a local man on the street, living his life. Shot in Kolkata.

Price of Beauty

This show features American pop singer, Jessica Simpson, traveling around in search of what beauty means in different parts of the globe. She comes to Mumbai in her search and encounters Indian Beauty. This is a VH1, the popular American television channel show, 2009.

The Search

For Princess Television, UK. Aired on Channel 4. Shot in Rajasthan 2007

Reel Race

For Active TV Pvt Ltd, Australia, and Octagon CSI Ltd, UK 2004

Road Raja

Produced by TWI UK, Road Raja, aired on Sky1 was fixed by Earthcare and shot in Mumbai 2004