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A Very British History

A host driven documentary series for BBC4 on different periods in British History. UK 2016
Role(s): Permits, fixer, Facilitator, logistics, equipment, on camera contributors.

Dear India

A Netflix show for Chelsea Handler Productions hosted by the celebrity talk show host Chelsea Handler on life and culture of India through interviews with Indian celebrities. USA 2017
Role(s): Research, permit, fixer, facilitation, logistics.


A host driven docu series for CNN International based on lesser known religious sects around the world. The episode shot in Varanasi was about the Aghori sadhus. (USA) 2015
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, creative research and resource people.

Greatest Shows on Earth

A host driven travel series celebrating the wide variety of television shows from around the world. In each episode, host Karla Cavalli travels to a different country and explores its culture by way of its television programs.Produced byZodiac TV for NBC. (USA) 2015
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, creative research and resource people.

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Ghost Planes

Documentary About missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370 produced by Pilgrim Studios for History Channel UK.
Role(s): Shot the entire interview of the characterin Pune.(UK) 2014

The Little couple

“The Little Couple” (India Segments) documents the life of Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, as they become parents through the adoption of a young orphan girl from Mumbai. (USA) 2013
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations, creative research and resource people.


A docu-drama series where a father and son travel to unravel the mystery of the number zero (Tunisia) 2013
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations and resource people


A four part series on children for online media exploring the idea of childhood and play in the changing socio cultural scenario(UK) 2013
Role(s): permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, locations and casting

Sacred Journeys

A six-hour documentary series onsome of the most celebrated, challenging and spectacular religious pilgrimages in the world for PBS produced by WGBH & Maya Vision International (UK) 2013
Role(s): Research, permit, fixer, facilitator, logistics, production stills and social media videography

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Starkey Project

Produced by WONDROS of USA it is a documentary on the Starkey foundation working with the hearing impaired, 2012. Earthcare fixed and researched for the shoot in Delhi, Dharamshala and Kolkata.

Treasures of Islam

Gardner Films Inc US, 2011. Earthcare coordinated permits, logistics, research on local artisans and setting up shoots for this two hour television documentary on creative legacy of Islam through its art and architecture around the world. Shot in Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri.

Religion and moral philosophy

Presented by the world famous evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins, this series deals with questions of morality, mortality and meaning, by Clear Story UK, 2011. Fixed by Earthcare the shooting was done in Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho and Dharamsala.

Life of Pi

Behind the scene documentary (permit + logistics), for the production company called Evolution, US 2010.

River flowing Westward

Lion TV UK, 2010. Major seven-part documentary series about the history of Middle Eastern civilisation and culture shot in Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sekri.

Documentary of a Yogi

This documentary film recreates the life of Paramahansa Yogananda, one of India’s great spiritual teachers. The film traces his life from his childhood in Kolkata to his final days in Los Angeles, California. Produced by Counter Point Films, Los Angeles and Line Produced in India by Earthcare Productions, 2009. This was shot in Kolkata.

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Oldest Mom

This documentary was for BBC Channel 4 2009, about the world’s oldest mothers around the world, exploring the medical procedures the women have to endure, the dilemmas they had to face contextualised by a few well chosen experts in the field. Earthcare set up the character, identified medical experts and facilitated the shoot in Haryana.

Ancient Discoveries

One episode of the documentary series about the inventions of ancient civilizations for Wild Dream Films, UK, 2008, Shot in Cochin.

Seven Ages of Britain

A documentary series with legendary David Dimbleby about the art of British empire in the late C18th to the end of the C19th for BBC, UK 2008. This was shot in Delhi, Kolkata and Shekhawati.

In Search of Shangrila

A part of the series In search of Myths and Heroes by historian Michael Wood the shooting was done in Dharamshala and other places in Northern India. It was produced by Maya Vision, UK, 2004.

Commonwealth Children

TV programme with BBC Children, UK, 2002 . Shot in Mumbai

Indian Democracy

In 1999, Earthcare researched and coordinated 2X1 hour documentaries on the Indian Democracy for Indira Production, USA, shot in Delhi to be shown on Discovery.

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Documentary on Salman Rushdie

90 minute documentary exploring the life and work of the acclaimed prize-winning author Salman Rushdi e for BBC Birmingham UK, 2008. Shot a few interviews in Delhi.


Stories for various seasons of the series on traditions and rituals for National Geographic produced by Beyond Productions, Australia. 2007-2008. Shot in various cities across India

Tour Big Fair Trade Adventure

One hour documentary on fair trade issues involving three teenaged British children traveling to India. For Century Films UK, 2007. Shot in Chennai and Hyderabad for Century Films UK, 2007.

Story of India

This 6X1 hour documentary was shot in India during 2005-2007. This Mangnum Opus of a show, the biggest historical documentary on India was produced by Maya Vision for BBC and presented by Michael Wood. Earthcare was the line producer for this show, coordinating the shoots and providing the logistical support. +More

Dirty Jobs

Stories shot around India for the Series on strange, messy, disgusting yet necessary jobs around the world for Discovery Channel produced by Cornerbox Productions, Australia 2007.

When Rome Ruled Egypt

A historical documentary on Roman Empire. Few sequences that connected Roman rule to India was shot in and around Cochin. Filmed the India sequences independently for Fulcrum TV, UK production for Discovery 2007